Urban Acupuncture proposal


Urban Acupuncture proposal.

This consists in making infrastructure interventions in public spaces, to convert the city in a revitalizing place for people through the following elements:

• Functional
• Smart
• Pleasant
• Safe
• Inclusive

These are the proposed acupuncture locations:

• Remodel Casa de la Cultura Jorge Debravo
• Build Bus stops in Turrialba downtown
• Rescue the former Train Station
• Build Jorge Debravo Park (Construcción, bono comunal)
• Build Microplaza Turru Vac
• Boulevard Las Américas Boulevard
• Paseo Deportivo Turrialba
• Turrialba Bikeway


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Contact Project:

Phone : +506 4070-0420
Email: : support@turrialbaconservation.org
Head Quater : Barrio Escalante
San José, Costa Rica


You can connect with us:

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