Costa Rica

Fundación Turrialba

is an organization dedicated to promote sustainable living through projects and actions in four areas: CONSERVATION, COMMERCE, COMMUNITY, AND CULTURE.

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Fundación Turrialba.

Fundación Turrialba was founded and based in sustainable tourism experiences through Böëna Wilderness Lodges and the projects and operations, building options to improve quality living and a sustainable development with our projects and actions

Fundación Turrialba was born with the aim to make Turrialba a sustainable city. Turrialba is part of Cartago province.

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Recent Projects

Sustainability efforts transcend to become agents of positive change for our children and generations to come. Through developing strong programs steeped in community participation and empowerment, we strive to ensure the restoration and conservation of Costa Rica’s unique natural areas and resources. We share some of the recent project we have taken over the years.

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Save for animal’s


A large scale scientific project run and supervised by academicians and researchers, and with the participation of university students, has been created to stop the extinction of jaguars and maintain de natural balance of costarican ecosystems.

Unlock doors to earth

Environmental Education in local schools

In addition to teaching our guests about the ecology of the surrounding rainforest, the Pacuare Lodge has launched an environmental education program for schools in nearby communities.

Save for forest


In total, Böëna Wilderness Lodges –Lapa Rios Rainforest Lodge, Pacuare Lodge, Tortuga Lodge, and Monteverde Lodge & Gardens – own and protect more than 800 hectares (1,977 acres) of primary and secondary forest in vulnerable areas near national parks and along vital biological corridors.



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